C1 Course Materials - EFL Advanced by Michelle Ford, EOI Fuengirola (state-run language education)

Becoming independent & resourceful lifelong learners of English

* Listening Challenge

Course 2016-17: Every two weeks, the class will break into groups of 3 or 4 to share their weekly listening work, and then groups will report to plenary. You will talk about your everyday listening work and the focus in discussing some of the pieces you heard. Bring your listening logs.

Resources for your everyday listening work:

Listening log Template (1 Word page) – from my blog for Básico

Suggested Podcasts:

For English Learners (EFL Podcasts)


Podcasts in English:

Remember to subscribe to a news podcast in British English (e.g., BBC) and another in US American English (e.g., NPR). Then pick one or two you are interested in… Examples


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