C1 Course Materials - EFL Advanced by Michelle Ford, EOI Fuengirola (state-run language education)

Becoming independent & resourceful lifelong learners of English

* TV Series/Movie Projects

TV Series

Every week you should be watching one episode of a TV series that uses everyday language. I’ll show you how in class, with some of the scripts here. Once I finish, you can go ahead and use them all, or find your own. I formatted these as printer-friendly versions, but please, don’t read them before having trained in learning to listen, which means, at least until you’ve watched those episodes 4 times. With repetition, when you notice you understand something new, remember to jot it down so you can underline it later in the script.

Dramatized Readings in class: I use the scripts above to do D.R. in class when people have been watching the episodes at home, or when we do so in class. Sometimes this leads to people preparing the acting out of a scene.

Check out the EOI Getafe YouTube Channel (now closed) to find some examples on Dramatized Readings (and also of OPs, but that’s a different matter)

Note: The point of watching TV series like Friends or How I Met Your Mother is simply to improve fluency, accuracy, ability to understand EVERYDAY LANGUAGE. If you have other TV series proposals, great, but keep this in mind. “The Walking Dead” would not be a good option, if you see what I mean… 🙂


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