C1 Course Materials - EFL Advanced (EEOOII - Andalucía - Spain)

Becoming independent & resourceful lifelong learners of English

Why this?

EEOOII – Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas (España)

All of these materials have been suggested by me (MF) as part of the course I have designed for Avanzado 2 (Upper Intermediate or B2 level) or C1 (Advanced), as in both levels I use original materials.

My online support for the C1 course is on my website, Talking People, here:
http://www.talkingpeople.net/tp/ra/c1/index.htm I never have the time to review it all and update it all and make it better, so sorry about that! 🙂 Just get in touch if something’s missing or wrong or if you have a contribution to share!

Since 2004, I have been a teacher in different EEOOIIs /eh-oh-ees/, the network of adult language schools for adults in Spain. Before that, I was a secondary teacher for seven years, in  the public/state-run system too (meaning, after having to pass countless exams), and before that I’d been a language teacher for private people, a proofreader in publishing houses, for magazines and newspapers, a freelance translator and interpreter, a freelance journalist… and mostly, a social activist, I mean, as a free individual, I’ve been and still am a feminist thinker, creator and activist.

May 2018: After the 8M 2017 International Women’s Strike I decided to create a free wordpress blog to say who I am as a teacher. I’m pitching in to rescue and create a kind of history which doesn’t exclude women.


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