C1 Course Materials - EFL Advanced (EEOOII - Andalucía - Spain)

Becoming independent & resourceful lifelong learners of English

Why this?

EEOOII – Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas (España)

All of these materials have been suggested by me (MF) for advanced learners of English. On the navbar, materials I used in my courses, which my present students can also use and suggest we use! Take the initiative!

My online support for the C1 course is on my website, Talking People, here:
http://www.talkingpeople.net/tp/ra/c1/index.htm I never have the time to review it all and update it all and make it better, so sorry about that! 🙂 Just get in touch if something’s missing or wrong or if you have a contribution to share!

Since 2004, I have been a teacher in different EEOOIIs /eh-oh-ees/, the network of adult language schools for adults in Spain. Before that, I was a secondary teacher for seven years, in  the public/state-run system too (meaning, after having to pass countless exams), and before that I’d been a language teacher for private people, a proofreader in publishing houses, for magazines and newspapers, a freelance translator and interpreter, a freelance journalist… and mostly, a social activist, I mean, as a free individual, I’ve been and still am a feminist thinker, creator and activist.

May 2018: After the 8M 2017 International Women’s Strike I decided to create a free wordpress blog to say who I am as a teacher. I’m pitching in to rescue and create a kind of history which doesn’t exclude women.

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