I can see that a lot of people are checking out this little but very useful blog! I have to say I did not post much this year, but that I’ll be adding stuff I posted on my C1 course blog.

Although you’ve got two interesting links in the section called “Why this?” above, here is the direct link to all of my course blogs on wordpress.


What never changes, what I always use is my website, Talking People — which I pay out of my own pocket and that’s where I publish students’ work and gather more materials. It’s also free for net surfers, no ads either, and hopefully this summer we’ll finish updating its structure and broken links so that it can been used with mobiles / cellphones and other gadgets. Actually, the Talking People Podcast is already there!

Thanks for your interest! And have a joyful journey as you learn about yourself, other people and the world through language! ❤