When women organized massive protests against Trump, and I followed the news on mass media here in Europe, I thought of the French revolution, how it got started (with women flooding the streets demanding bread), how feminists (proto-feminists, they’re called because it was not yet a movement) analyzed things and stirred society, how they got guilliotined when they denounced that The Rights of Man were all wrong and that women should also be included, and how His-story told the story to allow our patriarchal minds to learn that Man is always in charge (that’s why our species in patriarchal societies is called “mankind”) and women are nowhere to be seen — dehumanized to that point, as usual: incapable of critical analysis or action outside the nest, incapable of contributing anything relevant to the His-story of the human race — except having babies, but there’s no merit in that because it’s “natural”. It’s like with prehistoric cave paintings: it takes some development of a feminist intelligence to simply consider prehistoric artists of either gender. What our minds do when we refuse to develop a feminist intelligence or gaze of the world around us is simply see Man everywhere. The androcentric view that sustains patriarchal culture, this is patriarchal ideology. (And ideologies can only be overcome through criticism. That’s why we need feminism.)

When mass media reported on massive demonstrations against Trump, it was overwhelming how they did not mention a relevant piece of information, that women were reacting to this misogynist president. It’s high time more people were able to hear certain silences and omissions.

Here’s an article that does mention women were fighting. The fact that because patriarchy doesn’t allow women to use physical violence has not been able to bury human creativity and women have always been there, fighting using nonviolence, critical thinking, contributing in this way to the best things we have today. We should be ashamed of not being able to see that yet. Patriarchy has dehumanized all human beings, condemning them to a kind of identity which is limited for our potential, our human minds — much more powerful that having this or that genital.