Klein’s The Shock Doctrine is is a must read /riid/ for people who want to understand the world we live in because they want to change it. Actually, its publication in 2007 is probably one of the events that helped to trigger people’s nonviolent protest all over the world (15M, occupy movement) — thanks to communication and access to information on the internet, too!

“What keeps us oriented and alert and out of shock is our history. So a period of crisis like the one we’re in is a very good time to think about history” — Naomi Klein (2009), in this documentary, which is based on her book.

“Naomi Klein has written a brilliant, brave and terrifying book. It’s nothing less than the secret history of what we call the ‘Free Market.’ It should be compulsory reading.” — Arundhati Roy

For our C1 course, I have designed an activity to help students learn to write reviews, cross out words to comply with word limits, and make their language range richer.