Course 2016-17


Beg. October. The class splits up in two groups. Outside the classroom, one will have to watch “Grease” and the other “West Side Story” in order to put together a joint Oral Presentation where students will have a lesson to

  • present the stories (plot) and talk about the structure
  • relate some of it to the present (contrasting, comparing, finding similarities or differences)
  • share some language they learned/learnt
  • give their reasoned opinions
  • act out a scene, or prepare a listening activity based on their movie/film

Students will get a lesson in November to share their ideas after having watched the movie twice with no written or translation support of any kind. As we will have read “We Should All Be Feminists“, including a feminist viewpoint is also recommended.

  • Students cannot use the scripts till they have watched the movie at least twice (in October & November). November can be focused on working on parts of the movie, gathering ideas for the project.
  • Students cannot use resources in Spanish, except for: looking up words in dictionaries (English-English, English-Spanish), and after having watched the movie at least twice, watching the movie in Spanish or with subtitles in Spanish, or reading the script in English (here is the script).

December. Students can request up to two lessons at the beginning of December to work on their project. Some will book to do their OP in the last lessons of December, and some will book for January.